Running Games

Running games is divided into three main scenic domains where each mission will be carried out. Together with unique visual effects, the participants are sure to quickly get into the game. All you need to do is to select "Booking Now!" in order to challenge yourselves in these adventure filled domains.

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  • The Magical Maze

    A magical curse brings you into this maze. Filled with twists and turns, is bound to create an illusory feat to confuse. Sounds of footsteps, your heart beats fast, adrenaline rushes, you need to work with your team quickly in order to make it through safely.

  • The House of Games

    One day, a portal appears which takes you through time to a European styled house, that is home to the legendary Winning King. Besides from being beautifully decorated and extraordinary in every manner, there are different types of game props that every game lover will fall in love with. It's absolute heaven for all game lovers.

  • The Sorcerer's Chess

    In the search for special powers to crush your enemies, you need to overcome the sorcerer's game of chess. But be warned, as this is no normal game of chess! Possible danger of being cursed lies in each move. Each of the chess pieces are connected by dazzling laser beams to form a net, where players are required to adjust themselves to pass through.


  • Face

  • Face

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  • Weekend Weekly

  • U-Magazine

  • U-Magazine

  • U-Magazine

  • U-Magazine

  • Sudden Weekly

  • Sudden Weekly

  • TVB

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  • Running Games is Hong Kong's first.

    1.Exciting and intense running game.

    2.A game that requires your wits and strength

    3.A game full of funny props

    We are committed to designing and introducing new and exciting games in the hope to bring to our customers a new form of entertainment.


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  • Things to note

    "Life is like making a telephone call. If it's not you who hangs up, it's me that that hangs up." Don't feel sorry for the person who you have eliminated.

    "The more power you have, the more responsibilities you have." The more props and capabilities you have the bigger the advantage you will have. However, you will become public enemy.

    "It's when you take it too seriously, that you will lose." Don't get too hung up about the tangle you might have gotten yourself into. This is different to other similar 'escape-and-evade' style of games. No one knows who will have the last laugh until the last moment.

    "To be a master at what we do, we must ensure the quality of our tools." There is plenty of running around during the game, please be sure to wear suitable trainers or sneakers for it.


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  • Relieve stress and promote social networking

    When you're under stress at work, it can get overwhelming and become really tiring

    Through RUNNING GAMES, you can relieve the stress from your day job and build on your socialising skills.

    During the game you are required to communicate, think differently, and maintain a healthy bond with those around you.


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  • New Entertainment Experience

    New ways to play in the game, life like and magical venue.

    Every mission is guaranteed to overwhelm you with excitement. Only in Running Games can you find this.

    During the game you are required to communicate, think differently, and maintain a healthy bond with those around you.


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  • Efficiently Forming the Team

    Every organisation looks heavily on training and will form different types of training for staff.

    Running Games provides related training where games will require the integration of strategy and role reenactment.

    It will help participants to work on courage, organisational skill, command skill, management skill, responsiveness, concentration, problem solving skill and decision making skills.

    Acquiring these skills will allow for participants to better perform at work.


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Team Building

Through diversified game modes and an enjoyable atmosphere, members can work together and work on their communication. It's sure to test each member's wisdom and observation and especially challenge the dynamics of the team.

Proposing Marriage

Within 4 hours, to arrive at a tailored-made game plot to touch the heart of your most beloved.


We provide a diverse options in games as well as also able to make arrangement for birthday gatherings, get-togethers, Christmas parties and so much more.


Are you seeking a venue for your gathering? Running game, an all-new place for great get-together. It's sure to provide for an enjoyable time with your friends.

Basic Charge

HKD $ 420.00 (Each)

Minimum 6 players



HKD $ 340.00(Each/At least 8 players)

HKD $ 280.00(Each/At least 10 players)

Student Discount

HKD $ 240.00(Each)

At least 14 players

Maybe not all of you are student

Offer can be used on Mon to Thurs only,
except Fri,Sat,Sun or Public Holidays

The valid student card is required

Offer cannot used in conjunction with other offers


Sole Occupancy

HKD $ 280.00(Each)

At least 50 players

Availability depends on bookings

All above charges included:

- Vest & Name Badges

- Fundamental Tutor (Cantonese)



  • A. When you need additional service, charges are as below
    • 1.Cake cutting fee: $ 100 / per cake (will not ne imposed unless a cake is brought)
    • 2.Charge of $ 100 / Visitor ( 2 visitors charges exemption will be given when there are 10 participants)
    • 3.10% service charge for catering or food order takeaways will be added for eating at our venue
  • B. If damage of any property at the venue, compensation may be required
  • C. For not exclusive occupancy of venue
    • 1.You might meet unknown people during the game at the venue (depends on the bookings).
    • 2.Unknown people would not affect your progress as you will playing distinct games with different tools and mysteries.
    • 3.Distinguish teams by the colors of the vest
    • 4.Tearing off rival's name tag, who is your friend only
    • 5.Every booking operates with its own tutor.

Games Session

  • - For example 10:00 to 12:00, 12:00 to 14:00
  • - Each session: 2 hours; starts at even no.

All above charges included:

  • - Vest & Name Badges
  • - Fundamental Tutor (Cantonese)

Aim and shoot, fascinating and dynamic, that’s it.

No one can beat me the Emperor.

Laser beam would only make our team stronger.

Rose are red, forest and moon. The reason you leave, no one know.

Defense with our Sphinx.

Featured games and deluxe lobby, its worth.

The house of games, full of vines and Featured Games.

Walls everywhere, where’s the exit?

Whac – A – Mole

Players will be divided into two teams playing farmers and Gophers. Fighting over radish, both teams will engage in a whac-a-mole battle.

Hands Challenger

There will be two teams, 'left' and 'right'. They need to compete to first charge-up and secure their 5 devices. In order to obstruct or hinder the progress of the opposing team, each team will engage in an intense attack and defence battle.

Burger Mama

Everyone enacts one or more types of ingredients, acting out the old age that is projected on the big screen.

Basketball Tic Tat Tob

3x3 grid basketball played in the way of noughts-and-crosses.

Route Graphics

Compete to first complete the 3x3 grid through a shootout with a football.

Ancient Civilization Quest

In a darkened labyrinth, you will find a code to an ancient civilisation.

The Mystery Of Space Time

To work out the riddle found in the pouch of time and space.

Virus Extraction

within a set time limit, to secure as many virus source tower will win.

Passing Through The Darkness

The first to retrieve an specified object and escape through a dark labyrinth will win.

Gathers Energy

One team is required to mine for energy, and the other team is required to attack and steal their energy.

Secret Inside Birdcage

You are required to extract the treasure from the birdcage to win. Clues can be found throughout the domains.

The Route Of Trainer

While in a game of Running Man, through certain card types, victory is determined.